An update on our packaging and recycling standards


Pretty soon, our tubs will be lookin’ a little different. They’ll be 465ml - but with even more values baked in. Here’s why.   

We’re committed to using Fairtrade ingredients like cocoa, vanilla, and sugar in all our flavours and improving dairy practices wherever we source our milk. We’re also committed to getting our brownies from a social enterprise bakery. It’s not something we’ll compromise on.

Just like we’ll never compromise on the quality of our ingredients, the love of our big chunks or the dedication we have to our social values. But, staying true to our values AND continuing to deliver the quality you deserve does come with increasing costs and making the tub a little smaller is a decision we have to take.

We would never take something away if we weren’t baking in extra values too. We’ve removed a thin layer of plastic from our tubs, which will save 40 tonnes of plastic every year. The remaining moisture barrier to protect our ice cream is now made from plants (check out the new logo), making our tubs a lot easier to recycle. You’ll also notice a new “Free Grazing” logo—which means all our cows graze for at least 120-180 days a year.

At Ben & Jerry’s, we care about our ice cream, from cow to cone. And we thank you, as always, for your support.