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Ireland - Food Cloud-big.jpgflag-ireland.png

Aoibheann O'Brien

Food Cloud: Ireland

FoodCloud is a super innovative virtual foodbank that connects businesses that have too much food with charities that have too little...

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UK - Dot Dot Dot-small.jpgflag-uk.png

Katharine Hibbert

Dot Dot Dot: UK

Dot Dot Dot is a cool housing social enterprise that lets people who do great volunteering live as property guardians in buildings that would otherwise be empty. 

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Shifo Foundation.jpgflag-sweden.png

Nargis Rahimi

Shifo Foundation: Sweden

Shifo is on a giant mission to improve child health by ensuring that every child is registered and followed up to receive life saving vaccines...

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Matthijs Guichelaar

Vandebron: Netherlands

Vandebron is a seriously awesome online energy marketplace which allows anyone who generates renewable energy to  sell their yield directly to consumers...

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France - Bulb In Town-big.pngflag-france.png

Alexandre Laing

Bulb In Town: France

Bulb in Town is a cool civic engagement platform that brings the power back to local communities and helps projects come to life...

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Germany - Cristoph.jpgflag-germany.png

Christoph Müller- Dechent

FoodLoop: Germany 

FoodLoop is a truly innovative platform that offers the Food Retail Industry the first channel to promote discounted best before date deals in real time on an app...

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Switzerland - Eaternity-small.jpgflag-switzerland.png

Manuel Klarmann

Eaternity: Switzerland

Eaternity is an innovative start up in Switzerland that aims to provide everyone with access to climate-friendly diet...

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Mel Ruff.jpgflag-austria.png

Mel Ruff

Ruffboards: Austria

Ruffboards is a super cool longboard brand out of Vienna, Austria that produces uniquely designed, upcycled boards with a soul - mindful of people and the planet...

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