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Jenny Dawson

Rubies in the Rubble, United Kingdom

Every year millions of tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables are discarded as part of a culture of excessive waste. Our aim is to make the tastiest chutney and the fruitiest jam in the nicest possible way…

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Peter Den Hond

FairMail, Netherlands

FairMail is a social enterprise producing fair-trade greeting cards. The pictures on the cards are taken by at-risk teenagers in Peru, India and Morocco. The teenagers receive 50% of the…

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Jon Egan

Archipelago, Ireland

Archipelago is one of the largest communities of young entrepreneurs in Western Europe. We help young people create sophisticated businesses through events, think tanks and crowd...

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Jakob Lund

Play31, Denmark

Play31’s mission is to use the unifying power of football to bring together people who have been torn apart by war. By organizing community tournaments and workshops focusing on human rights…

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Johan Wendt

Mattecentrum, Sweden

Mattecentrum tutors over 100,000 young people in math every month – for free. This is done in two ways: During tutoring sessions 50 times a week in 19 cities in…

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Charlie Howard

MAC-UK, United Kingdom

MAC-UK is a national registered charity and tackles some really serious stuff. Their aim to have mental health support accessible to all young people who offend by making it their mission…

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James Whelton

CoderDojo, Ireland

CoderDojo is a pretty cool organisation, with the aim of teaching young people how to learn computer code – now that’s smart! Described as an Irish led global movement of computer…

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Daan Weddepohl

Peerby, Netherlands

Peerby is a mega cool new peer-to-peer lending technology platform in the Netherland. By using Peerby, members can borrow and share items needed or owned with neighbours in a safe… 

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Sofia Appelgren

Mitt Liv, Sweden

Mitt Liv (meaning ‘my life’) is an inspiring social enterprise in Sweden, enabling immigrants to gain employment, through education and mentorship. The organisation reaches…

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Deepak Ashwani

Dazin, Denmark

Dazin is a seriously innovative company, tackling the important issues of both fuel security and health in developing countries. They aim to provide renewable cooking fuel pellets, the model being…

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Oskari Räisänen

GreenRiders, Finland

GreenRiders is the smart way to get around in Finland. It is a travel platform that provides an effective, trusted, and socially rewarding way for people to decrease the amount…

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Yannick Sonnenberg

Elefunds, Germany

Elefunds is a easy, cool way for people to donate to charity, and for charities to fundraise. They provide online fundraising tools for charities connecting companies, customers and social networks…

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Dietmar Jr Stuck

Pumpways, Austria

Pumpways (formerly New Solar Pump) is an innovative organisation committed to helping poor communities to access clean water. Their product is a solar pump station for drinking water supply and…

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Valentin Fisler

Mr. Green, Switzerland

Mr. Green is a company with both the environment and the customer at its heart. Operating in Switzerland, they collect all your recyclable material in a Mr. Green bag from…

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