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Ireland - Our Nation's Sons-small.jpgflag-ireland.png

Joe Caslin

Our Nation's Sons: Ireland

Our Nation’s Sons is a cool urban art project aimed at provoking entire communities into addressing the very real problem of young male apathy & disenfranchisement in Ireland...

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Ireland - Food Cloud-big.jpgflag-ireland.png

Aoibheann O'Brien

Food Cloud: Ireland

FoodCloud is a super innovative virtual foodbank that connects businesses that have too much food with charities that have too little...

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JP Campbellsweden.png

JP Campbell

One Feeds Two: UK

One Feeds Two does a pretty awesome job of bridging the gap between business and charity. We have made it simple for the food industry to tackle child hunger and for the companies within it to come together...

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UK - Dot Dot Dot-small.jpgflag-uk.png

Katharine Hibbert

Dot Dot Dot: UK

Dot Dot Dot is a cool housing social enterprise that lets people who do great volunteering live as property guardians in buildings that would otherwise be empty. 

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Denmark - Toy Library-small.jpgflag-denmark.png

Bergliot Jensen

The Toy Library: Denmark

The Toy Library creates a fun new concept of sharing toys.  Bringing the benefits of the sharing economy to kids, we offer parents the unique opportunity to continuously bring home new and exciting toys...

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Denmark - Comeback Industries-small.jpgflag-denmark.png

Daniel Saroori

Comeback Industries: Denmark

Comeback industries is a unique incubation hub in Denmark that helps marginalized youth develop their skills, confidence, and mindset to be successful entrepreneurs...

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Switzerland - Eaternity-small.jpgflag-switzerland.png

Manuel Klarmann

Eaternity: Switzerland

Eaternity is an innovative start up in Switzerland that aims to provide everyone with access to climate-friendly diet...

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France - Bulb In Town-big.pngflag-france.png

Alexandre Laing

Bulb In Town: France

Bulb in Town is a cool civic engagement platform that brings the power back to local communities and helps projects come to life...

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France - Organight-small.jpgflag-france.png

Sandra Rey

Organight: France

Organight is a seriously innovative lighting system that makes use of bioluminescent organisms – this means no electricity consumption or light pollution...

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Sweden - Sport Without Borders -small.jpgflag-sweden.png

Admir Lukacevic

Sport Without Borders: Sweden

IUG is an awesome social enterprise that helps thousands of children and young people see opportunities, believe in themselves & participate in the community through sports...

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Shifo Foundation.jpgflag-sweden.png

Nargis Rahimi

Shifo Foundation: Sweden

Shifo is on a giant mission to improve child health by ensuring that every child is registered and followed up to receive life saving vaccines...

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Germany- Evgenij - Terefov.jpgflag-germany.png

Evgenij Terehov

Bettervest: Germany

Bettervest is an awesome equity-based crowdfunding platform for energy efficiency projects that lets the crowd participate in the cost savings...

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Germany - Cristoph.jpgflag-germany.png

Christoph Müller- Dechent

FoodLoop: Germany 

FoodLoop is a truly innovative platform that offers the Food Retail Industry the first channel to promote discounted best before date deals in real time on an app...

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Theresa Steininger

Wohnwagon: Austria

Wohnwagon is a cool new project that offers 25m2 of natural and self-sufficient space for living and gives people an idea of how a reduced lifestyle can be awesome...

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Matthijs Guichelaar

Vandebron: Netherlands

Vandebron is a seriously awesome online energy marketplace which allows anyone who generates renewable energy to  sell their yield directly to consumers...

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Taha Bawaflag-switzerland.png

Omar Bawa

GoodWall: Switzerland

Goodwall is a mega cool platform where young people build their e-reputation by doing good – thus improving their chances of getting into university or landing their first job...

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Huub Schuijn

Yournalism: Netherlands

Yournalism is the first crowdsourcing and crowdfunding website for investigative journalism...

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Mel Ruff.jpgflag-austria.png

Mel Ruff

Ruffboards: Austria

Ruffboards is a super cool longboard brand out of Vienna, Austria that produces uniquely designed, upcycled boards with a soul - mindful of people and the planet...

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